The agricultural industry is growing rapidly from year to year and the purchase of various types of machinery and equipment involves considerable expense. If you need leasing for a tractor, combine harvester, sprayer or trailer – the perfect offer is waiting for you at Alior Leasing. Leasing is an excellent solution for financing equipment and facilities without committing your own capital.

What does getting a lease
for an AGRO client entail
at Alior Leasing?

Leasing is an opportunity to develop and modernise your farm. Leasing means a minimum of formalities, flexible and transparent contractual terms and fast availability of funds.

Who can be a lessee
and what do we finance
at Alior Leasing?

A lessee under the standard method can be any farmer who owns an agricultural holding with a total area of at least 10 ha (including owned and leased land), farmers who own orchard, horticultural, vegetable or nursery farms, farmers and operators engaged in specialised departments of agricultural production regardless of the size of the land, as well as agricultural cooperatives. At Alior Leasing, we finance new and used vehicles as well as agricultural machinery and equipment from many manufacturers.

What are the advantages of leasing machinery and equipment
at Alior Leasing?

lower cost
compared to loan financing

rapid financing decision

simple procedures

no unnecessary formalities

low own contribution

flexibility as to the financing period,
own contribution, redemption

tax benefits

usually no additional
security is required

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