At Alior Leasing, we know that large transport companies and thriving businesses need to have efficient vehicles for transporting goods in order to grow. Are you considering buying a heavy goods vehicle over 3.5 t, such as a tractor unit or specialised vehicle? Finance your purchase with Alior Leasing.

How do I lease a truck
at Alior Leasing?

Do you want to grow your business without having to commit a lot of your own capital? At Alior Leasing, we are mindful of the different needs and financial capabilities of our clients, which is why we prepare tailor-made offers. Truck leasing means simplified procedures, a convenient financing period and the possibility of deducting 100% VAT without additional formalities. Don’t put off developing your business. With Alior Leasing, it’s easy.

Who can be a lessee and what do we finance
at Alior Leasing?

Any entrepreneur can be the lessee of a car; we also finance start-ups. At Alior Leasing, we finance new and used trucks above 3.5 t, such as tractor units and specialist vehicles.

What are the advantages of leasing a truck
at Alior Leasing?

lower cost
compared to loan financing

rapid financing decision

simple procedures

no unnecessary formalities

low own contribution

flexibility as to the financing period,
own contribution, redemption

tax benefits

usually no additional
security is required

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