High energy consumption and high electricity bills in companies are the result of the use of many machines, appliances or computers. Your company can take advantage of leasing for photovoltaic equipment and produce electricity in-house, thus reducing the cost of electricity consumption and taking care of the environment at the same time.

How do I lease photovoltaic equipment
at Alior Leasing?

Obtaining a leasing for photovoltaic panels is now easier than ever before. Investing in photovoltaics is a wise and beneficial step that can save several to tens of thousands of PLN a year.

Who can be a lessee and what do we finance
at Alior Leasing?

Any entrepreneur who has been in business for a minimum of six months and farmers can be lessees of machinery and equipment. At Alior Leasing, we finance new photovoltaic sets, which can include: panels, inverter, cabling, support structure, counter-current protection, standardized parts – troughs, connectors, joints and technical documentation.

What are the advantages of leasing photovoltaic equipment at Alior Leasing?

lower cost
compared to loan financing

rapid financing decision

simple procedures

no unnecessary formalities

low own contribution

flexibility as to the financing period,
own contribution, redemption

tax benefits

usually no additional
security is required

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