Specialised equipment requires a financing offer tailored to the type of business. With our leasing service, machinery and equipment are available without unnecessary formalities.

How do I lease machinery and equipment
at Alior Leasing?

Metalworking, construction, printing, food machinery, medical equipment, heating boilers and fans – these are just a few examples of the machinery and equipment we finance at Alior Leasing. The option to lease machinery and equipment is a beneficial solution for entrepreneurs and an effective way to invest in the growth of a company.

Who can be a lessee and what do we finance
at Alior Leasing?

Any entrepreneur can be the lessee of machinery and equipment; we also finance start-ups. At Alior Leasing, we finance new and used machinery and equipment (including specialised equipment) from many manufacturers – both domestic and foreign.

What are the advantages of leasing machinery and equipment
at Alior Leasing?

lower cost
compared to loan financing

rapid financing decision

simple procedures

no unnecessary formalities

low own contribution

flexibility as to the financing period, own contribution, redemption

tax benefits

usually no additional security
is required

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