UP TO 3.5 t

For many years, leasing has been a popular form of financing the purchase of vehicles, including cars and vans. It is chosen by both large companies and sole traders. Do you run a business and have plans to buy company cars? Finance their purchase with Alior Leasing.

How do I lease
a passenger car
at Alior Leasing?

Do you want to avoid having to take out a loan, lengthy procedures and paying a high deposit when buying a car? Entrepreneurs most often turn to leasing in this case. It is extremely simple – minimum paperwork with little capital commitment, no impact on the company’s financial capacity and up to 100% VAT refund. Choose a car that suits your company’s needs and grow your business with Alior Leasing.

How do I lease
a delivery vehicle up to 3.5 t
at Alior Leasing?

Do you need a delivery van? No problem. Vans up to 3.5 tonnes are one of the most popular vehicle types leased at Alior Leasing. Whether you are a start-up or a long-established entrepreneur, leasing allows you to make large investments with a minimum commitment of your own capital. Simply choose a make and model that fully meets all your expectations. With Alior Leasing, it’s easy.

Who can be a lessee
and what do we finance
at Alior Leasing?

Any entrepreneur can be the lessee of a car; we also finance start-ups. At Alior Leasing we finance new and used cars and vans up to 3.5 t of all the most popular brands.

What are the advantages of leasing a car
at Alior Leasing?

lower cost
compared to loan financing

rapid financing decision

simple procedures

no unnecessary formalities

low own contribution

flexibility as to the financing period,
own contribution, redemption

tax benefits

usually no additional
security is required

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